How we work

Schuster Consulting Group can work with you across a wide range of activities and projects at an individual, team or Board level.

You may need individual expertise and advice or a diverse mix of skills. We can build cross-functional teams for specific projects and disband them when the project is completed. We can create these teams from within your company, from within our company, from external providers, or a combination of these. This means we can stay flexible, keep our costs down and pass on the benefits to you.

If you would like to explore ways in which we can help you, contact us. We are happy to offer a no-obligation discussion to explore opportunities. If there is a fit between what you need and what we can offer, we will happily work with you to determine the scope of the work required.

Flexible working arrangements

We offer three types of working arrangements:

  • Fixed fee for project
  • Pre-determined blocks of time
  • Daily rate basis

We take on short, medium and long term projects; in fact we have worked on projects that have taken anywhere from a few hours through to years... and everything in between.